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Standard Cargo Unit (SCU) is a unit used to describe the volume of cargo in game. It is commonly used to describe cargo capacity of vehicles in the Verse. It is based on the size of 1 m3 (1,000 L) stored inside a container with a standard thickness of 0.125 m, making the total size of 1 SCU 1.95 m3 (1.25 × 1.25 × 1.25 m).[1][2]

Currently there are only storage containers of 1 SCU in the game, holding 100 units of commodities each.


SCU adopts metric prefixes in game to indicate a multiple or fraction of the unit. One Storage Point (SP) is the equivalent of one microSCU.

SCU centiSCU (cSCU) microSCU (μSCU)
1 100 1,000,000
0.01 1 10,000
0.000001 0.0001 1


  • One twenty-foot equivalent unit (often TEU) used in standardized shipping containers occupies a space of 38.26 m3.[3] Their in-game equivalent is the 16-SCU container, which occupies a volume of 31.25 m3.[4]
  • Although the litre is the most common unit of volume used in many countries and is accepted for use with the SI, the real SI unit of volume is indeed the cubic meter.[5]


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