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Still fine tuning the descriptions and interface text (WIP02102016).

Scanning takes into account cross-section visible from source. Smaller cross-section less return. Additional to infrared and electromagnetic (Ship systems). For FPS noise will be factored in from guns/footsteps.

Ship and personnel are the same system.



General Area Scanning

Circular progress bar charged with button press. Marks targets on HUD. Currently a "golf swing" mechanic, charge up and let go. Last quarter is the sweet spot, lower is shorter and higher sends out a traceable pulse.

DS GUI.png

Direct Scanning

Rounded square brackets to designate targets already acquired, focused scanning to gain additional information.

Debug Information

Name Time (s) Percentage (%)
Armor 4 40
Affiliation 2 20
Shield Health 2 20
Name Time (s) Percentage (%)
Ship Type 2 20
Affiliation 2 20
Hull Health 2 20
Shield Health 2 20
Owner 4 40
Pilot 6 60
Armor 4 40
Passenger Capacity 4 40
Passenger Total 6 60
Passenger Type 8 80
Wanted* - -
Status* - -
Channel Levels**
Name Time (s) Percentage (%)
Shield 2 20
Cockpit 2 20
Passengers 2 20
Turret 4 40
Gun 4 40
Missiles 4 40
Countermeasures 4 40
PowerPlant 4 40
Engine 4 40
Radar 4 40
FuelTank 4 40
Radiator 4 40

* These values were seen at 5:55(citation 1) and the other values were missing.

** [Speculation] As scanning commenced the number of channels listed increased. These values seem to be associated with ship systems.

Related Careers

Combat, Policing, Smuggling, Mining, Exploration.

Profession Relation
Bounty Hunting Scan ships to identify crew.
Smuggling Know how to hide items of interest.
Spying Avoid being detected.
Scouting Jump ahead to inform fleet.

Related Ships

Utility specific mounts to increase scanning capabilities.

Ship Crew Equipment
Terrapin 2 Not Listed
Freelancer DUR 2 Long Range Scanner
Constellation Aquila 4 Long Range Scanner


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