Seize and Destroy Narcotics

Mercenary mission from BlacJac Security
Seize and Destroy Narcotics
Priority General
Type Mercenary
UEC Pay 8000 + Bonuses
Start Location ArcCorp AO
Faction BlacJac Security

The mission Seize and Destroy Narcotics sees BlacJac Security task the player with raiding an underground stash on one of ArcCorp's moons, with payment for each bundle of drugs destroyed. Canny players can however subvert BlacJac's aims and claim the stash for themselves. Be warned, multiple players can accept this mission at once, potentially leading to a PVP clash.


Spoiler content

"ATTN: Verified Mercenary Operators

An informant provided us with info on a narcotics stash known as (Stash Location). We're organizing a raid to go in and destroy every last bit of contraband being stored tehre before they have a chance to move it.

You're tasked with destroying all narcotics found at the site using whatever means necessary... within reason. Basically, do what you can to keep most of the surrounding area intact.

You'll be paid based on how much of the drug stash you personally clear out. Getting this product off the streets is a huge win for BlacJac, and of course the people of ArcCorp.

Good hunting, Gloria Mesa

Private Contract Supervisor

BlacJac Security, "Protection Provided""

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