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Final image of the Service Beacon menu

Creating a beacon

  • Locate "Create Beacon" on the far right of the Contract Manager of the MobiGlas.
  • Select a "Beacon Type" and subsequent options.
    • Personal Transport: Destination, reputation requirements, payment offered.
    • Combat Assistance: Reputation requirements, payment offered.
    • Medical Assistance: Reputation requirements, payment offered.
  • Created beacons can be viewed under the Beacons tab.
  • Created beacons can be canceled at any time.
  • Payment amount will be deducted at the time of beacon creation.
  • Incapped players need to hold 'M' for sending out a rescue beacon.

Accepting a beacon

  • Beacons can be found under the "Service Beacons" group of the "General" tab of the Contract Manager.
  • Beacons will display beacon type, initiator's name, and payment offered.
  • Once accepted, you can cancel/withdraw from the contract at anytime.

Completing a beacon

  • Upon successful completion of a beacon mission, the payment will be automatically transferred.
  • Completed beacons will automatically move to the "History" tab.
  • Transport beacons will automatically be completed based on the transport destination.
  • Successfully completed beacons will automatically get a "positive" rating.
  • Upon cancellation, players can "rate" the other party "positive" or "negative".
  • Players can also view their current reputation on the beacons tab.
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