Fictional Planet in unknown system
ClassificationFictional Planet
LocationOrbits a unnamed star
Natural SatellitesUnknown

Sesen (local language for 'lotus flower') is the name of a fictional planet and a colony from the fiction-in-fiction story Dateline - Sesen. It is a barely habitable planet with only one self-governed and isolated city-colony.


The planet seems to be purely fictional. It is only noted in Dateline: Sesen.

According to the story, Sesen is the third and outermost planet in an unnamed system with one star.[1]


The planet's intact atmosphere "reflected a healthy blue"[1] with breathable, but thin air.[2] According to Ulla Yadev it has "few bodies of water", but most of the surface appears to be dry and barren, with a sparse vegetation.[1][2]


Sesen was founded in 2922 or 2923 as an agriculture-focused colony, but the planet seemed unsuitable for further colonization due to toxic bacteria in the water. Traffickers convinced poor people to move to the colony with false promises. The original colonists, called the "Surveyors" started taxing the new settlers. Those were forced to pay in kind. The poor soil and the tax lead to a famine. A group under Tentopet Jones attempted to seize control and killed or deported the Surveyors. Jones revoked the taxation.[3] Lacking any notable resources and being ignored by the UEE, the isolated colony started relying on piracy to survive.[3][4]


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