Terrestrial Rocky in the R.il'a system
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Xōl’uu : R.il'a IV
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
AffiliationXi'an Empire
LocationXi'an space
R.il'a system
└─ Orbiting R.il'a (star)
Landing Zones1

Xōl’uu ( Xi'an: 9xool2vu(Xōl'uu) (Proper); Ĵōr'vu (Service); ) (outdated: Shorvu ) is the fourth planet in the Rihlah System. Formerly a military bastion against the UEE, it is now a hub for industrial goods.[1]


Xōl’uu, terraformed by the Xi'an Empire, initially served as a barracks world, housing military forces and mid-range weapons factories. Following the conclusion of the Xi'an-Human Cold War (SEY 2530 - 2793 / MXY III.838 - III.1044) Xōl'uu underwent a reclassification by the Xi'an government. The military factories were dismantled, making way for corporate industrial zones. This transformation, marked by Xi'an-driven mechanical ants, strips structures into their component materials.

Today, Xōl’uu's transformation into an industrial world is nearly finished, marked by lingering scars of past military occupation. Xi'an corporations are now firmly established on Xōl’uu. In a departure from the norm for Xi'an worlds, Humans are actively encouraged to visit Xōl’uu.[2]

Landing Zones


A trading hub for banu, human and Xi'an corporations.


Xōl’uu was originally named Shorvu in the Galactic Guide for the system.[2] This name was created before the Xi'an language had been designed. Later the 'Proper' spelling was revealed to be Xōl'uu.[3] 'Shorvu' still fits with this spelling, as an X in Xi'an is a 'sh' sound, the 'L' can be pronounced as an 'R', and 'uu' is pronounced 'vu'.



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