R.il'a system

Single star system with 6 planets.
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R.il'a system
R.il'a system
Single Star
35.5 AU
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Main sequence Dwarf A
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R.il'a ( Xi'an: 9ri14la5(R.il'a) (Proper); )[1] (outdated: Rihlah) is a solar system controlled by the Empire of the Xi'an, close 'beyond' the Perry Line.


The main sequence star is adorned with a dense green band that can sustain two expansive ecosystems. Jump points extend to both Human and Xi'an realms, though the latter deliberately remain uncharted on official maps.


R.il'a was discovered in SEY 6872 BCE (MXY I.9997) by the Xi'an.[2] More than 9400 years later, Maria Sante entered the system. In the following Cold War between humans and Xi'an it was used as a training ground, base of operations and armory. Since tensions between both factions ceased, R.il'a was demilitarized. The settled words now act as industrial zone and hub between the UEE and the Xi'an.

Despite the majority of military forces withdrawing from Rihlah, a proficient border defense force persists, deterring smugglers seeking unauthorized entry into Xi'an territory.[3]

Due to this transformation it created a distinctly unique environment for human explorers to engage with, albeit within certain well-defined boundaries.[3]

Gravitational governors


R.il'a is a A-type main sequence star.


Chuai'chuai: R.il'a I

A rocky protoplanet that lacks an atmosphere.

P.uay'aha: R.il'a II

A gas giant in close proximity to the star. This puffy planet possesses an expansive atmosphere characterized by a significant radius and remarkably low density.

Ping'leth: R.il'a III

A terrestrial world unlikely to be terraformed due to its surface of dense, jagged rocks. The planet also has a thin atmosphere and very rapid rotation.

Xōl’uu: R.il'a IV

This terraformed terrestrial world is covered in former military barracks and factories. When the cold war ended the Xi'an began converting Xōl’uu into an industrial hub. Human businesses are encouraged to establish offices here among the many business parks. Making the planet an interesting mixture of Human and Xi'an cultures.

Xi : R.il'a V

A heavily populated super-earth.

Pi'pa: R.il'a VI

This dwarf planet has no atmosphere. Its orbit is so distant that light from the system's star is barely visible.

Known jump points

Data was unable to be retrieved.


The name Rihlah originally was said to mean "source of strength,"[4] but this reference has since been removed from the galactic guide.[3] This is because the Xi'an language was designed later, and this definition no longer fit the name. The proper Xi'an spelling of the system has since been revealed as R.il'a,[1] which has no direct translation.[5]


Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy


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