Spectrum Alpha 0.3.0x

Spectrum build released on 2017-02-17
2017-02-17 - 7 years ago

These are the patch notes for Spectrum Alpha 0.3.0x.

New Features

  • New broadcast features allows application to reload on update
  • New setting allows to disable display of image / video embeds
  • Added an about page (temporary) to display legal and client version
  • You can now add the app to your home screen on iOS and Android and it'll look gewd!
  • Fixed a bug where in-game presence would report "In Menus" when you're in your hangar. Duh! (that's with 2.6.1)

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved forum editor inline styles. You can now break out of current style using return key.
  • Improved forum h1, quote & code block style to match message lobby styles
  • Improved collapsed forum reply. You can now click on a collapsed reply to open it.
  • Improved Chat lobbies readability with more space and border between messages
  • Fixed member profile previews now properly float to the top
  • Fixed crash in code block with no text
  • Fixed quote including giv would not be minimized
  • Add try/catch around convertFromRaw so @laulap can sleep
  • Improved Firefox and Edge performance on message input (display: flex is a lot of fun!)
  • Fixed a bug where copy pasting mentions in the forum editor would cause an error
  • Fixed a validation bug preventing /me from working

Known Issues

  • Emoji list is missing Unicode 9 latest updates (No avocado or salt shaker WHAT!)
  • On mobile, the message input closes when you type. It's bad. We're on it!
  • On mobile, the lobby presence list defaults to displayed, it's annoying!
  • We're hunting a bug where sometimes private lobby unread "count" resets.

"For all you Vader haters out there, we'll blow your planet up!"
Benoit Beausejour, CTO of Turbulent

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