City on Rytif in the Bremen system
LocationBremen system    On Rytif
TypeLanding zone

Stalford is a mid-sized city located just north of the equator on Rytif in Bremen System. Stalford has long been the farming headquarters of the planet, with water farms and commercial vivariums ringing its surrounding hills. A variety of tourist-centric monuments to the role of the planet in the fall of the Messers have sprung up in the past five years, and tourism also seems poised for a growth spurt.[1]


The headquarters of Consolidated Outland and Terra Mills are located in Stalford.


Great Stalford Disaster

In 2716, the main Bremen Mills grain facilities just outside of Stalford exploded, killing hundreds, injuring hundreds more and sending a plume of fire into the sky that could be seen from orbit. Official reports state that a broken filtration unit in a mixing area allowed airborne flour dust particles to accumulate to dangerous concentration levels. A single spark was all it took to ignite the air. The fire that raged afterwards burned tens of thousands of cultivated acres surrounding the facilities. It was days before it could be fully contained. As the people of Rytif sorted through the wreckage, very little hope remained that the struggling collective would be able to recover from such a crippling catastrophe.


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