Rogue Warship

The battle cruiser Stanley was constructed in 2369 by the state of Amecanio. During Unification, the vessel's command was transferred to the United Nations of Earth Navy (UNEN) in 2380. In the same year it suffered an infamous mutiny that became the catalyst for the Unification Wars.[1]

The Stanley Mutiny

Before the vessel transferred its ownership to the UNE a large portion of the Amecanino crew (including the captain) resigned. The remaining Amecanino crew became angered by changes put in place by the UNEN resulting in heightened tensions and insubordination.

On the 20th of October 2380, an armed group of Amecanino crew mutinied and took control of the warship. The mutineers threatened to attack cities on Earth until their country was liberated. The UNEN launched a daring operation and successfully re-took the Stanley without any casualties. Despite the brevity and lack of success, the actions of the rogue crew inspired six more mutinies on UNEN warships and marked the beginning of the Unification Wars. [2]


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