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These frequently asked questions provide some simple answers regarding the nature and function of the Star Citizen Wiki.

How does this Wiki work?

The Star Citizen Wiki is a community-created wiki that collects and organizes information on Star Citizen for public use. It can be edited and added to by anyone with an account; allowing the wiki to grow with new information and content.

How do I edit?

First, users must Create an account before verifying it by visiting the Editors in Discord for verification and write privileges.

Once verified, access any page on the wiki, click the Edit button at the top (looks like a pencil), and begin fixing typos, adding info, and organizing data. Use the Discord channel to organize edits and ask question; wiki editing can be overwhelming at first, it's almost a language on its own!

How can I help?

To start, Help:Contents contains a database of useful information on Star Citizen and editing a wiki. Project:Tasks can help you find a project to work on.

Generally, the wiki can always use more information (CIG official info only, please!) and references to existing pages. There are still many pages that don't exist yet (redlinks) which need content, images, and official to be created.

Are staff hired by CIG?

The staff, Editors, and contributors to the Star Citizen Wiki are completely independent of Cloud Imperium Games and any of its subsidiaries. Occasionally, CIG employees may clarify discrepancies or uncertainties about lore and mechanics, but this is not done in any official format. No money, benefits, or any other rewards are provided for the maintenance and upkeep of the wiki; it is purely a community project.

Why are there multiple wikis?

Each wiki that exists for Star Citizen has varying levels of community involvement, admin activity, and ability to keep up-to-date. This Star Citizen Wiki was created as a way to start fresh with new policies, new community leaders, and a custom-designed layout to best suit the needs of the Star Citizen community.


Before I start editing, what should I do?

As seen above, read Help:Contents for most documentation about the wiki and wiki code. The Discord channel for the wiki has many helpful contributors who are often looking to help new users understand the tasks and requirements of editing.

Where can I find code syntax?

Help:Editing should get you started with the most comment code syntax for editing the Star Citizen Wiki. Mediawiki Formatting has a more comprehensive set of formatting guides.

Where do I discuss a page's contents?

There is a talk page for each page accessed through word balloons icon on upper right. This allow susers to have a conversation and discussion about a page in a way that's documented and "official". For more informal, fast discussions, the Discord #wiki channel is always useful.

Someone made a bad edit. What should I do?

If you find a bad edit, one with typos or incorrect information, the easiest method is to simply edit the page and fix the issue. Be sure to use the Summary textbox before submitting the edit to explain the changes.

In the case of a dispute, calmly discuss the edit as in the above section; using the talk page or the Discord.