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Star Citizen Soundtrack

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Quick facts:
Star Citizen Soundtrack
Star Citizen Soundtrack
Release Date
Vol 1 -
Vol 2 -

The Star Citizen Soundtrack by Pedro Macedo Camacho is planned to be released in multiple volumes.[citation needed] It features performances by the Capellen Orchestra, including the Main Theme.[citation needed]

Known Tracks

Confirmed To Be Included

  • Star Citizen Main Theme
  • Majesty of Space
  • Hero March
  • Mission Prep
  • Storm is Coming (midi version)
  • Into the Void

Inclusion Unconfirmed

  • My Home (Shared on Reverse the Verse)
  • My Home is in the Stars (Alpha 2.0.0 Ambient Music)
  • First Light (Meet the Starfarer Commercial)
  • Speed Activated (Murray Cup Racing)
  • Arena Commander
  • Review: Successful (Vanduul Swarm Win)
  • Review: Unsuccessful (Vanduul Swarm Loss)
  • ARK Starmap
  • Origin M50 (M50 Commercial)
  • Galactic Gear (M50 Commercial)
  • What is Speed? (300i Commercial)
  • Synthquest Blue (315p/325a/350r Commercials)
  • Hornet Theme (Hornet Commercial)
  • This One is Mine (Aurora Commercial)
  • Freelancer (Freelancer Commercial)
  • Dare to Dream (Mustang Commercial)
  • Into the Unknown (Carrack Webgame of the same name)
  • Inspiring Star Citizen (SXSW Trailer Montage)
  • Pupil to Planet
  • Alpha 2.0.0 Trailer Music
  • Main Theme (old)
  • Majesty of Space (old)
  • Arena Commander (old)
  • + At least 29 other tracks of unknown name

Unconfirmed Tracks By Other Artists

  • Silver Star by Steve Jablonsky (Original Trailer)
  • The Art of War by Steve Jablonsky (Original Trailer)
  • Atlas by Faux Tales (Imagine Star Citizen Trailer)
  • Cutlass Tango by Geoff Zanelli (Cutlass Commercial)
  • The Journey Begins by Geoff Zanelli (Constellation Aquila Commercial)
  • The Ballad of Big Bennys by Goteki ft. Julia Tregenza (Meme?)
  • Title Screen by George Oldziey (Soundtrack pitch by Wing Commander veteran composer)
  • The Heroic Flight by Matthew Fossa (Wingman's Hangar Theme, composed by a fan)
  • Full Burn by ? (Meme?)


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