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Star Citizen Wiki:Editing/Adding images

Step-by-step process on adding images to the wiki

This guide is a step-by-step process on adding images to pages, covering common types of image-related edits.


Uploading image to the wiki

Adding images - menu upload file.png

Click the menu button on the navigation bar to open the menu. Click Upload file to open Upload Wizard.

Adding images - select media files.png

Click the Select media files to share button or drag the file(s) onto the area.

Adding images - select media files continue.png

After all files have been processed, click continue.

Adding images - file own work.png

If it is your work, select This file is my own work..

Adding images - file not own work.png

If it is not your work, select This file is not my own work.. Fill in the source, author, and select the license accordingly.

Adding images - file cig work.png

If it is a work published by Cloud Imperium (CIG), put Cloud Imperium as the author, then select Cloud Imperium published this work and the first option within it.

Adding images - file details.png

Fill in the title, description and the date for the image.

Adding images - file publish.png

Click Publish files and your files are ready to use on the wiki.

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