Tadmor Terraforming Concern

Human company in the terraforming industry
Tadmor Terraforming Concern
HeadquartersCestulus, Davien
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
FounderKorian Tadmor
Founded2298 CE; 656 years ago (2298)
Defunct2369 CE; 585 years ago (2369)

Tadmor Terraforming Concern (TTC) was a terraforming company that operated from 2298 to 2369. Founded by tech entrepreneur Korian Tadmor and backed by venture capitalist funding, the company won terraforming rights to Fora II in 2308. Although the planet was located outside the green band, they hoped that recent advances in technology would allow for the resource-rich world to be terraformed. However, after many years of fruitless attempts, TTC's financial backers brought a lawsuit against the company in 2364 for failing to deliver on its promises. TTC sold all its Fora-based terraforming platforms to the new company NemoCo in order to fund its legal battle. When NemoCo announced it had discovered a jump point to a new system in Fora with help from former Tadmor employee Dae-ho Ochoa, TTC filed suit against them, alleging that Ochoa discovered the system while employed with TTC and thus TTC was entitled to a stake in NemoCo's operations. Due to a lack of evidence, the suit was dismissed in 2369, and TTC was subsequently dissolved.


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