Takuetsu “Recon Marine” Replica Figure - Centurion

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Flair march 2948-legacy armor-1 Centurion.jpg
Takuetsu "Recon Marine" Replica Figure - Centurion
ObtainmentCenturion or Imperator Subscription
Retroactive Price$5.00
ReleasedMarch 2948 (2018)
AttachmentSurface S2

Outside of outright planetary invasion, the UEE Marines' Recon Division train extensively in infiltration operations when a smaller footprint is needed. These highly-trained soldiers are experts in sabotage, intelligence gathering, and close-quarter combat. This exclusive figure in Takuetsu's Military Might series depicts one of these ghost-like marines. Adorned in period accurate combat suit, this Recon Marine's ready to cause trouble wherever you put them.[1]


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