Lava Planet in the Geddon system
Tat'Ko : Geddon I
ClassificationLava Planet
AffiliationBanu Protectorate
LocationBanu space
Geddon system
└─ Orbiting Geddon (star)
Landing Zones1

Tat'Ko or Geddon I is a lava planet. On Tat'Ko, the Mining Soulis harvest planetary ore sources for trade goods. The polar regions of Tat'Ko are a source of bad-ice, a highly illegal frozen combination of water and refinable poisons.[1] Because of the severe conditions, cities on the planet are massive enclosed arcologies driven deep into the planet surface.

"Fancy a little danger? Visit the arcologies among the beautiful desolation of this geologically active volcanic world to see how mining soulis are harvesting planetary resources for trade goods."
UEE Diplomatic Corps: A Guide to Visiting the Banu Protectorate [2]

"Tat'Ko is a barren, windswept mass of volcanic rock. It's no place for a human being — certainly not one without a light pressure suit — but it's the ideal environment for the Banu. The planet's churning, underground volcanoes help produce the system's main exports: black glass for producing circuitry and a gray oil, the so-called 'planetblood' which is used as a high-end space engine lubricant. Both products are exceptionally pure; the "Tat'Ko Seal" graphic which confirms their place of origin is the mark of highly respected products. "
Concept Art: Geddon System [1]

Landing Zones

Spire Arcology

Nicknamed Spires by UEE travelers due to their resemblance to massive spikes driven into the planet. Docking at a spire can be exceptionally difficult, starship accidents during landing here are common.



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