Tiber I

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Tiber I
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationOrbits Tiber (star)

Tiber I is a small, dense planet close to Tiber’s sun. The planet’s CO2 -heavy atmosphere is breathable, but the extreme heat from the nearby sun would make life here an unpleasant proposition, even without the constant combat. Although extensive surveys have not been conducted, all available research indicates that there is nothing of value on Tiber I, and it is hard to imagine anything being worth the risk and expense of putting a Human there to learn more. Tiber I’s orbit is nestled just inside an extraordinarily heavy asteroid belt, which makes exploration even more difficult.

The asteroid belt is otherwise unremarkable, with low concentrations of valuable minerals. This belt is made up of smaller asteroids moving at high velocities, and is largely lacking in sizeable planetoids that could be converted into hidden bases (a fact of which UEE intelligence, eager to have a listening post closer to Tomb, is all too aware).

UEE deep space photography stations have recorded an unusual movement of weather systems on the surface of Tiber I, which meteorologists believe would allow for periods of improved conditions once every four years.

Average clearance is roughly three days, during which the distance imaging seems to suggest the atmosphere itself becomes noticeably clearer, with CO2 concentrations settling around the planet’s nominal polar regions. With Vanduul hunter squadrons nearby, testing this hypothesis has proven a practical impossibility.[1]