Titania Terraforming

Human company in the terraforming industry
Titania Terraforming
Key peopleAdriana Bratanek
Founded2333 CE; 620 years ago (2333)
Defunct2364 CE; 589 years ago (2364)

Titania Terraforming was a terraforming company most notable for their failure to terraform Uriel (Oberon II) in the unclaimed Oberon system[1].

Founded in 2333, it was primarily contracted by larger conglomerates for piecework until it successfully placed the winning bid for the coordinates to the newly-discovered Oberon-Nul jump point[2]. Since so much of their budget was spent on the contract, the company chose to offset future operating costs by selling low-price plots of land on the yet-to-be-terraformed Oberon II. Thousands of people signed on and headed to Oberon, not knowing that the neutron star at the heart of the system made terraforming unlikely at best. When Titania Terraforming failed to make the planet livable, they abandoned the people they had sold land to and immediately folded[1].


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