City on Selene in the Vega system
LocationVega system    On Selene
TypeLanding zone

Titus is the largest city and main landout on Selene, a sprawling megalopolis that seems to dream of former glories. While the city center is quite developed, a rusting sprawl of construction projects enacted but never completed throughout the centuries rings the cityscape. Of late, these have been purchased by outside interests in the hopes of redeveloping the region; the success or failure of that initiative is yet to be determined.

One particular segment of the population is of interest: the descendants of survivors from the Orion system. A bloodthirsty lot with little to their names, the descendants of survivors who fled Orion frequently band together to support harrowing vengeance strikes into Vanduul space. These missions pay little and are extremely dangerous, but are considered particularly satisfying accomplishments for true mercenary dogfighters.[1]


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