Tractor beam

Vehicle component that moves objects

A tractor beam is a tool to move objects.

 ManufacturerSizeMax forceOptimal rangeMax rangeMax angleMax volume
SureGrip S1 Tractor BeamGreycat Industrial1500,000 N500 kN <br />0.5 MN <br />75 m0.075 km <br />150 m0.15 km <br />60 °300,000
ReadyGrip Tractor ModuleGreycat Industrial1
SureGrip PR-S1 Tractor BeamGreycat Industrial1400,000 N400 kN <br />0.4 MN <br />65 m0.065 km <br />130 m0.13 km <br />80 °300,000
ViseLock S1 Tractor BeamGreycat Industrial1500,000 N500 kN <br />0.5 MN <br />68 m0.068 km <br />135 m0.135 km <br />80 °300,000
SureGrip HV-S1 Tractor BeamGreycat Industrial1600,000 N600 kN <br />0.6 MN <br />65 m0.065 km <br />130 m0.13 km <br />60 °300,000
SureGrip S2 Tractor BeamGreycat Industrial21,350,000 N1,350 kN <br />1.35 MN <br />75 m0.075 km <br />150 m0.15 km <br />60 °300,000
SureGrip PR-S2 Tractor BeamGreycat Industrial21,200,000 N1,200 kN <br />1.2 MN <br />65 m0.065 km <br />130 m0.13 km <br />80 °300,000
SureGrip HV-S2 Tractor BeamGreycat Industrial21,500,000 N1,500 kN <br />1.5 MN <br />65 m0.065 km <br />130 m0.13 km <br />60 °300,000
ViseLock S2 Tractor BeamGreycat Industrial21,350,000 N1,350 kN <br />1.35 MN <br />68 m0.068 km <br />135 m0.135 km <br />80 °300,000


Vehicle tractor beam is introduced in Alpha 3.21.1 as a part of Tractor Beam Tier 2 gameplay mechanics.[1]

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