Turiya Terraforming

Human company in the terraforming industry
Turiya Terraforming
HeadquartersAsura, Ferron
Key peopleAdriana Bratanek
Founded2471 CE; 483 years ago (2471)
Defunct2496 CE; 458 years ago (2496)

Turiya Terraforming was a terraforming company founded in 2741. It is most notable for winning the contract from the United Nations of Earth (UNE) to spearhead development of the Oretani system.

Under CEO Adriana Bratanek, Turiya's policy was to house their employees and their families for free under the condition that they relocate to the newly-terraformed planet once work was complete. After an expansive advertising campaign, the company attracted thousands of workers to the Oretani system and began work in 2483.

In 2485, amidst rumors of food shortages on the space stations and a sense of unrest among the workers at the lack of available land on Oretani II, Bratanek invited reporters to tour operations in Oretani. Two days later, the Ferron-Oretani jump point suddenly collapsed, cutting everyone inside the system off from the rest of the UNE. Turiya's remaining board members filed to dissolve the corporation in 2496.[1]


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