Verified Offworld Laser Technologies

Human company in the weapons manufacture industry
Verified Offworld Laser Technologies - JP0704.svg
Verified Offworld Laser Technologies
IndustryWeapons manufacture
ProductsPersonal weapons
Manufacturer codeVOLT
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth

Verified Offworld Laser Technologies (VOLT) is a Human manufacturer of energy weapons. The company specializes in producing handheld and ship weapons based on existing and proven technology rather than investing in an internal research department to innovate, like many of their competitors. This has allowed them to offer their products at below market rates and makes them a popular choice among purchasers who are cost conscious. These lower prices may also be indicative of lower quality manufacturing technique, as the company has frequently been plagued with reliability complaints. However, a formal investigation into their products in 2939 did not reveal a higher than average rate of failure. The VOLT lineup includes weapons such as the Zenith sniper rifle, Prism shotgun, Pulse energy pistol, and Stinger repeating laser.[1]



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