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A Gift for Baba

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From left to right: Cellin, Yela, and Daymar

A Gift for Baba is a late 24th Century children's morality tale focusing on three siblings: Cellin, Daymar and Yela. The best known version of the tale was written by Fatima Reynolds-Malik in 2480. Cellin has a simmering anger, Daymar easily gets lost in the story, and Yela is cool and calculating, all three travelling from Mars to Europa "to deliver the perfect gift to their Grandmother, 'Baba'."

The tale features in a datapad found in GrimHEX Bar.


They are the namesakes for Cellin, Daymar and Yela, the moons of Crusader.

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  • In the Hostile Negotiations series, a starliner used for touristic tours from Crusader to his moons is called Baba's Gift.


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