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Moon in the Stanton system
Yela : Stanton 2c
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Stanton system
└─ Orbiting Crusader
Artificial Satellites1
Equatorial Radius1,878 km (Lore)
313 km (Ingame Scale)
Atmospheric Pressure0.01 Earths
Sidereal Rotation10.94 SEH
Axial Tilt10.63°
Density2.85 g/cm³
Tidally LockedNo
Orbital Period15.38362269 SED
Orbital Speed3.76 km/s
Orbital Radius0.0053 AU
Orbital Eccentricity0.0385
Aphelion0.0055 AU
Perihelion0.0051 AU
Inclination8.59° (changes)

Yela (Stanton 2c) is named after the oldest of the three siblings featured in the 24th century children's morality tale, "A Gift for Baba," this moon has a water-ice crust said to represent Yela's cool and calculating mannerisms. Wilma Ivery built the first permanent homestead on Yela in 2907. Erma Triolo was the first person to be born on Yela, in 2909.[1]

Yela has an asteroid belt featuring many small locations of interest:

Starfarer wrecks

Before Alpha 3.0, two destroyed Starfarers could be found on the direct route from Port Olisar to Yela. There were no bodies among the wreckage. The wrecks were linked to the Primary Mission ICC Assistance (9) mission chain.


Numerous beacons dot the asteroid belt. Some denote wreckage (with loot). Others are simply Nine Tails lures.


Around Yela there are several tall transmitter towers sticking out of asteroids, with a Big Benny's vending machine strapped to the top. The towers broadcast the Big Benny's jingle, and can be heard from far away. On the back of each machine is a scrawled temperature in degrees Kelvin, each a naturally significant temperature. These act as a 'hot' or 'cold' clue for pilots to find "Bennyhenge".


In the umbra on the far side of Yela is a small asteroid with two transmitters on it. Neither features a Big Benny's machine though. Below the transmitter towers is a landing pad with gravity, that has a Stonehenge-like formation of Big Benny's machines set up for no apparent reason. One of the machines has evidently fallen over, crushing and killing someone.

Atmospheric composition

Yela has a very thin oxygen atmosphere. While it is too thin to be breathable, pressure suits can replenish their oxygen supplies by extracting it from the surrounding environment.

Chemical Formula Full Name Amount
O2 Molecular oxygen 100%

Surface outposts

Name Description
ArcCorp Mining Area 157 A mining facility owned and operated by ArcCorp.
Aston Ridge Aid Shelter The famous picture of Yela's ring illuminated against the darkened sky was taken here by noted photographer Juliana Aston in 2918. The vista became so connected to her artwork that in 2928 it was officially named 'Aston Ridge' in her honor.[1]
Benson Mining Outpost This mining facility is the registered property of Dino Benson.[2]
Deakins Research Outpost This research outpost belongs to Rayari Inc.[citation needed]
Jumptown An unmarked drug lab. "Looking to get hopped up?"[2]
Kosso Basin Aid Shelter Mario Kosso was the first head of Crusader's emergency response unit. Established to provide support and rescue services to those who found themselves in need on Crusader's moons, Kosso lead the response to the team's first distress beacon, which came from this basin. It was named in his honor upon his retirement in 2938.[1]
Nakamura Valley Aid Shelter This shelter was erected in part due to the generous contributions of Ethan Halton's friends and families. The large boulders and rocks that dot the Nakamura Valley have made it a popular destination for unregulated open canopy racers. Sadly, in 2917, amateur racer Ethan Halton, unable to handle the track's successive tight turns, died from injuries sustained during a racing crash. To help ensure that other racers would not share Ethan's fate, in 2918, this emergency shelter was erected.[1]
NT-999-XX An unmarked dead-drop site.[citation needed]
Talarine Divide Aid Shelter The shelter that saved Bastien Nemitz. In 2930, Crusader Industries hired the noted adventurer to promote the beauty and diversity of their moons by hiking around each one and providing daily updates. Following successful journeys around Cellin and Yela, Nemitz failed to upload a daily diary from Yela on June 24. A search party was organized but failed to find him. Days later, Nemitz contacted Crusader authorities from this shelter. He'd limped here on a shattered ankle suffering during a terrible fall that also destroyed his mobi. After he was rescued, Nemitz recovered and returned to the Talarine Divide shelter to complete his journey around Yela.[1]

Artificial satellites


Cellin 3.0.png
Yela Planetary 2.jpg
Yela Planetary.jpg


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