Aaron Fring

Character in Star Citizen
Tears of Fire - Artwork.png
Aaron Fring
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2578 CE; 375 years ago (2578)
Died ?
Role Artist
Faction UEE
Unit Expeditionary Force
System Ferron system

Aaron Fring was a human artist famous for his artwork Tears of Fire, depicting the destruction of the Tevarin Fleet over Elysium IV.[1]

Early life

He was a son of Max and Mary Fring. Aaron suffered in his childhood from a disease called Kilos' Malady and was bed-ridden for a year. In this time he started sketching.


As a young man, Fring enlisted in the United Empire of Earth Expeditionary Force as a field medic. He travelled to many systems before finally deciding to settle down on Elysium IV. Following the outbreak of the Second Tevarin War, Fring attempted to re-enlist in 2603, but was prevented from doing so due to a recurrence of his old disease. Instead, he passed his time by pursuing his hobby as a landscape artist. While he showed some skill, his work went largely unrecognized at the time.

Fring was still living a quiet life on Elysium IV in 2610, at the very moment of the Tevarin fleet's final defeat. While taking a walk to clear his head, Fring saw something incredible as he crested a hill: the remnants of the Tevarin fleet burning up in the atmosphere as they hurtled toward the ground. Struck by the beauty, complexity, and sadness of the moment, he crafted his famous work "Tears of Fire." To this day it remains the most-recognized and most culturally significant piece of artwork to emerge as a result of the Tevarin wars.


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