Aaron Fring

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Aaron Fring
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2578 CE; 371 years ago (2578)
Died ?
Role Artist
Faction UEE
Unit Expeditionary Force

Aaron Fring (born 2578, Ferron System) was an human Artist famous for his artwork "Tears of Fire", depicting the downfall and burn out of the Tevarin Fleet over Elysium IV.[1]

Early life

He was a son of Max and Mary Fring. Aaron suffered in his childhood from a disease called Kilos' Malady and was bed-ridden for a year. In this time he started sketching.


Fring joined the UEE Expeditionary Forces and worked as an Field Medic, then traveled throughout the UEE before he settled on Elysium IV, before 2602. Because he suffered from a recrudescence of his old disease he stayed on Elysium IV, while the Second Tevarin War broke out in 2602. On the 24th June 2610 he wandered lonely through the scenery and saw the burn out of the Tevarin Fleet and decided to portray the event in an artwork.