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Historical figures and recently deceased characters.

Name Race Role Faction Actor
Aaron Fring Human Artist UEE
Abeni Okon Human Historical Figure - First Human born off Earth UEE
Aberdeen Hurston Human
Amon Murray Human Founder of the Murray Cup UEE
Anthony Tanaka Human Martyr UEE
Antoine Lebec Human NavJumper, discoverer of Nul System UEE
Archibald Hurston Human Former CEO of Hurston Dynamics UPE
Arcturus Koerner Human Head of Bremen Mills
Arial Hurston Human 3rd CEO of Hurston Dynamics
Arlow Gellis Human Anthropologist UEE
Assan Kieren Human Governor UEE
Baron Von Dool Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Bloodhound Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Carla Larry Human Explorer
Chris Roberts (lore) Human Founder of Roberts Space Industries
Condi Hillard Human Historical Figure, Fought against the Vanduul at Armitage UEE
Corath'Thal Tevarin Tevarin Warlord
Corbyn Salehi Human Imperator of the UEE UEE
Corsen Messer Human Fifth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Dahunsil Kosoko Human Explorer UEE
Damon Huerta Human Explorer UEE
Deathwish Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Diyo Nikolas Human Inventor, Co-Founder of BiotiCorp
Dominic Thapa Human
Double E Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Erin Toi Human Twelfth Imperator of the UEE, immediately following the Messer Era UEE
Evan Behring Human Founder of Behring
Galor Messer Human Ninth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Hester Polaris Human Historical Figure - CMDR Hester Polaris, namesake of the Polaris UPE
Illyana Messer Human Sixth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Isiah Hurston Human Former CEO of Hurston Dynamics UPE
Ita Hurston Human UPE
Ivar Messer Human First Imperator of the UEE UEE
Janus Artificial Intelligence Artemis Ship AI
Jesper Donovin Human UEE
Jim Hester Human Proprietor of "Diamond Jim's Fuelporium", now presumed deceased. UEE
Julie Nadir Human Advocacy Agent UEE
Juliet Maupin Human Aegis Dynamics engineer, weapon and scanner designer UEE
Kamur Dalion Human Historical Figure, Pilot, Battle of Idris IV UEE
Kellar Lench Human Scientist, discovered the Elysium System
Leech Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Leona Sono Human Explorer
Linton Messer Human Eleventh Imperator of the UEE, Last of the Messer Era UEE
Lisa Danvers Human Captain of the Artemis
Little King Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Livia Fenner Human High-Secretary, influential in the introduction of UEC UEE
Livia Messer Human Third Imperator of the UEE UEE
Magda Hurston Human Former CEO of Hurston Dynamics UEE
Marie Sante Human NavJumper, discoverer of the Horus System
Marshall Leon Human Thirteenth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Martha Shubin Human CEO and Founder of Shubin Interstellar UEE
Messer IV Human Fourth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Neil Nyemeto Human Explorer
Nick Croshaw Human Discoverer of the first Jump Point (Sol-Croshaw) UEE
Russel Valem Human Inventor
Samuel Messer VII Human Seventh Imperator of the UEE UEE
Scott Childress Human Engineer of Quantum Core Engine in RSI
Solomon Hurston Human Founder of Hurston Dynamics UPE
Ted Santos Human Inventor, Co-Founder of BiotiCorp
Terrence Akari Human Senator (? – Terra – Terra Sys) UEE
The Priest Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Thessaly Tayac Human Scientist working on the Vespa Project UEE
Ulysses Messer Human Tenth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Vernon Tar Human NavJumper
Voodoo (pilot) Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Yanna Coso Human Ambassador sent to represent the UEE to the Xi’an Empire UEE