Aberdeen Hurston

Character in Star Citizen
Aberdeen Hurston.png
Aberdeen Hurston
Race Human
Born 2821
Died 2912
Employer Hurston Dynamics

Aberdeen Hurston was a member of the Hurston family and namesake of Stanton I's moon, Aberdeen.

He worked remotely with the weapons team at Central while he attended university, assisting them in their early forays into antimatter-based missiles. He joined Hurston Dynamics as a weapons engineer in 2841. In 2853, after decades of research, the team debuted Hurston Dynamics’ first antimatter warhead, based on Aberdeen’s design. This secured the company a long-term contract with the United Empire of Earth. Aberdeen retired from Hurston Dynamics in 2877.[1]

"Science is the gateway to the gods."
Tribute plaque at Maria Pure of Heart hospital


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