Alaine Viktus

Character in Star Citizen
Alaine Viktus
Race Human
Gender Male
Died 25th century
Role Civilian, Astrophotographer

Alaine Viktus was a famed astrophotographer from the end of the 24th century, beginning of the 25th century. In 2412, Alaine Viktus was carrying out a study of a deep field at about half a astronomical unit past the Vega system's cometary cloud, the thrusters of his exploration spacecraft were powered off in order to obtain the highest possible scan resolution.

When he tried to activate his specialized stellar camera, it was unable to lock onto a star due to tiny movements of his spacecraft. After examinations, it turned out that this movement, in fact resulted from the presence of an unmapped jump point less than 400 meters away.

General amazement over Viktus' incredible luck quickly turned to an unequaled passion for expanded space exploration. The K-type main sequence star, quickly named Virgil by Earth spin doctors seeking to instill a sense of regal manifest destiny.

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