Archangel Station

Space station orbits Synthworld in the Chronos system
Archangel Station.png
Archangel Station
LocationChronos system    Orbits Synthworld
TypeSpace station

The Archangel Station is an orbital station that is the nerve center for Synthworld construction. Home to the project's scientists and engineers, it is also the port of entry for supplies and resources needed to build the planet and keep the crew content.

With a steady amount of cargo moving through this sector, added to the sensitive nature of the project, the Navy's 18th Battle Fleet calls Archangel Station home when not on patrol. Included in the 18th Battle Fleet is the 999th Test Squadron. Known as "The Wreckless," this elite squadron is famous for testing experimental ships and components. The vast expanse beyond Archangel Station, with limited engagements there, has proven to be an ideal testing ground for potential tech the Navy hopes to incorporate into its arsenal. It seems fitting that the Navy's most forward looking squadron calls the Empire's most forward looking system home.[1]

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