Artificial Planet in the Chronos system
Synthworld : Chronos III
ClassificationArtificial Planet
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Chronos system
└─ Orbiting Chronos (star)
Artificial Satellites1

Synthworld is a man-made megastructure which is intended to be the first artificial planet in UEE-controlled space. Despite being not finished yet, it is currently (2950) listed as Chronos III on the ARK Starmap.


The Chronos System was discovered around 2862 and occupied by the UEE. With just two dead and resource-poor worlds and because of its remote, outer location it was chosen to host Project Archangel launched on the initiative of Imperator Salehi and the Clarke Committee. The Clarke Committee was a task force that envisioned a post-terraforming future, after the massacre of Garron II.[1]

After the death of Salehi in 2922, the project was continued by his successors with limited success. It is criticized for its high costs and lack of transparency. A considerable proportion of the UEE government budget is used for the construction and maintenance of Synthworld.[2][3]

Artificial Satellites

Archangel Station

An orbital station positioned above the Synthworld that houses the scientists and engineers who are attempting to build the planet. This station is also the port of entry for the vast resources needed to continue the project.

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