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Astromedics was a vid series which ran from 2907- 2914 (?). It revolves around a medical team (Chloe Hansen, Rick Revere) which works on an Apollo-class ship called 'Kithara'.[1]



"We actually used the Fall of Caliban as our inspiration for the imagery and set pieces, which was considered a controversial move at the time, and there were some groups who protested the vid as some sort of propaganda piece, but ultimately it was just a fun adventure story, and the Vanduul made for resonant villains, particularly in that moment. The studio took the gamble and it paid off."
Dan Bushman, Co-writer, Astromedics: Back from the Brink, Astromedics: Crash and Burn; writer, Astromedics: The Final Mission

"We'd already done two Astomedics vids before Back from the Brink, and they were both minor hits, but that third one, for whatever reason, really struck a chord with audiences."
Debra McKensie, Actor (Chloe Hansen), Astromedics series

"Before Astromedics, the Apollo was a relatively unknown commodity. Outside of mobile paramedics, it wasn't a very popular ship in the private sector, but after the success of Back from the Brink, we couldn't make enough Apollo chassis to fill the need. Luxury problems, I guess."
Vince DeSoto, RSI Marketing/Engagement Executive from 2904 to 2931

"To this day people on the street will randomly yell 'get them the hell out of there!' at me. It's ridiculous, but it always makes me smile."
Ronald Camino, Actor (Captain Vance Lido), Astromedics: Back from the Brink, Astromedics: The Final Mission


  • Astromedics (2907)
  • Astromedics: Edge of Danger (2909)
  • Astromedics: Back from the Brink (2910)

"In this installment, the Astromedic team risk their lives lending their freelance medivac services to a system that's being invaded by a Vanduul clan."

  • Astromedics: Crash & Burn (2911)
  • Astromedics: From the Fire (2912)
  • Astromedics: The Final Mission (2914)


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