Behesht Mines

Human company in the mining industry
Behesht Mines logo.png
Behesht Mines
ProductsIndustrial goods
HeadquartersVann, Croshaw
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
Founded2237 CE; 717 years ago (2237)
Defunct2796 CE; 158 years ago (2796) inEarth, Sol

Behesht Mines was a mining group that operated from 2237 until 2796. Founded in the early days of Human-led space exploration, before the discovery of jump points in 2271, it was one of the first corporations to gain a foothold in the Croshaw system. During the time it operated, the company came under fire multiple times for unsafe policies and disregard for environmental protection. Behesht went bankrupt during the collapse of the Messer regime and sold off or abandoned its holdings. It is best known for causing the fire that still burns on Nul II in the unclaimed Nul system.[1]


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