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Benny Henge

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Benny Henge

Benny Henge is a Stonehenge-like monument protesting the commercialization of art and commodification of humanity, created with many Big Benny's vending machines stolen from around the Crusader by an artist residing on GrimHEX. The artist was killed during the piece's final phase of construction when one of the vending machines fell on him.

It is located in the umbra on the far side of Yela on a small asteroid with two transmitters on it. Below the transmitter towers is a landing pad. The entire site is powered by a nearby generator and even has a local gravity field.


Benny Henge is related to the Vending Machine Theft mission.


Benny Henge does not have a quantum marker, which means visitors must triangulate its position from known locations. As of Alpha 3.23, the site can be found using these values:

OM1 787 km
OM2 785 km
OM3 703 km
OM4 861 km
OM5 1090 km
OM6 218 km



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