Character in Star Citizen
Race Vanduul
Role Ace Pilot
Faction Vanduul

Blindside was the nickname of a Vanduul ace pilot. He was recreated in the Vanduul Swarm Simulation in Arena Commander as an enemy.[1]

"Working best in conjunction with a multi-fighter attack team, Blindside was a clean-up specialist. Relying on its fellow Vanduul to weaken fresh targets, Blindside stalked pilots and waited for their defenses to weaken before striking with merciless efficiency to permanently remove them from the fight. By waiting until it was sure of success, the warrior managed an outstandingly high ammo-to-hit ratio throughout its career. It was said that by the time you realized you were engaged with Blindside, it was already too late.."
Arena Commander Manual


  1. Arena Commander Manual V11
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