Boarding Action in Progress

Mercenary mission from Northrock Service Group
Boarding in progress mission image.png
URGENT: Boarding Action in Progress
Priority General
Type Mercenary
UEC Pay 45000 + Bonuses
Start Location ArcCorp AO / microTech AO
Faction Northrock Service Group

The mission Boarding Action in Progress tasks the player (and preferably some backup), with retaking a captured 890 Jump from hostile NPCs, optionally retrieving sensitive data and avoiding friendly fire against security personnel in the process for payment bonuses. There are a total of twenty hostile NPCs to eliminate. Destruction of the 890 will result in mission failure.

Halting Data Transmission (optional)

The player will have 4 minutes to find and halt the data transmission, once the player has arrived near the 890 Jump.

Possible Locations:

  • Orlop Deck - Storage Hold (Near the gravity generator)
  • Main Deck - Bridge
  • Lower Deck - Dining Hall
  • Lower Deck - Master Suite

Allies and hostiles

To assist the player in fending of the attackers, a small unit of 7 security personnel can be found in the lower decks, distributed between the hanger and storage hold. They are dressed in white light armor and equipped with the P4-AR Rifle.

Hostile NPCs sport a variety of unique “makeshift” armor sets ranging from light to heavy. However, they are all universally equipped with P8-SC SMGs.

Enemy placement

The server spawns 20 enemy NPCs scattered inside the 890 Jump. Their distribution is as follows. Please note that the extent to which enemies move from their original spawning position is directly tied to an increase in server fps.

On a server with decent performance there will be :

  • 8 Enemies on the main/top deck

5 in the top deck balcony overlooking the pair of stairs leading up to the bridge

3 in the dining/conference area past the bar below the bridge

  • 12 Enemies on the lower deck

6 in the hanger containing the 300i

6 in the storage hold which houses the gravity generator and large cargo elevator

NPCs are not currently able to use ladder or elevators and so can not move up or down decks.


Spoiler content

"An executive client just informed us that their 890 Jump had been intercepted at (Location) and boarded by outlaws. They would prefer to have this handled privately owing to the sensitive nature of proprietary data that's being stored aboard.

Your first priority will be to clear all outlaws as quickly as possible so that a recovery team can be dispatched to return the ship to the owner. The longer the outlaws have control of the vessel, the higher the chance it will be lost. I recommend you acquire a team for this outing to expedite matters.

Note that thanks to a small contingent of Security Personnel who stayed aboard, all surviving members of the crew were able to flee in an escape craft. The current status of the remaining security is unknown, but just in case, keep an eye out for friendlies when you engage the hostiles.

Secondly, if at all possible, the client is *very* interested in preventing the theft of the aforementioned data. If you are able to stop the theft of their confidential data stores before they are transmitted, a generous bonus will be issued.

Needless to say, this is a client I would very much like to keep happy.

Braden Corchado Logistics Officer - Stanton Branch

Northrock Service Group."

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