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890 Jump

Capital ship manufactured by Origin Jumpworks
890 Jump Leaving Hurston 3.6.png
890 Jump890 Jump logo.png
ManufacturerOrigin Jumpworks (ORIG)
Crew3 – 8
Cargo capacity484 SCU
Production state
  • Flight ready
Buy32,294,500 aUEC
Rent (1 day)645,890 aUEC / 322,945 REC
Claim time60 min
Expedite12 min
Expedite fee2,690 aUEC
AvailabilityQuantity-limited sales
Length210 m
Beam71 m
Height40 m
Combat speed80 m/s
Max speed900 m/s
Mass44,237,159 kg

The Origin 890 Jump is an interstellar super-yacht designed for taking passengers on a luxurious space cruise to different planets and systems.[1] Apart from transportation, 890 Jump is also used for high-security trading to organization leadership to command and control. Its very presence signifies power: used as a personnel transport, the 890 Jump is the prized possession of CEOs, politicians, holo stars and the like.[2] The 85X is included with the 890 Jump.[3]


L Radar
N/A - Unknown manufacturer
M Computer
N/A - Unknown manufacturer
Powerplantnav.svgPower plants
SASU - Sakura Sun
WCPR - Wen-Cassel Propulsion
Shieldgeneratornav.svgShield generators
BASL - Basilisk

Fuelintakenav.svgFuel intakes
L Fuel Intake
N/A - Unknown manufacturer
Fueltanknav.svgFuel tanks
C Fuel Tank
N/A - Unknown manufacturer
Quantumdrivenav.svgQuantum drives
ARCC - ArcCorp
Jumpdrivenav.svgJump drives
N/A - Unknown manufacturer
Quantumfueltanknav.svgQuantum fuel tanks
L Quantum Fuel Tank
N/A - Unknown manufacturer
Mainthrusternav.svgMain thrusters
ALST - Alliance Startech
Maneuveringthrusternav.svgManeuvering thrusters
Retro Thruster
N/A - Unknown manufacturer
VTOL Thruster
N/A - Unknown manufacturer
ORIG - Origin Jumpworks

Manned Turret
N/A - Unknown manufacturer
Remote Turret
N/A - Unknown manufacturer
Remote Turret (Dual SNT-481 Missile Rack)
N/A - Unknown manufacturer
BEHR - Behring Applied Technology


Every feature in the 890 jump is designed for the luxury and comfort of both the paying passengers and the crew that serves them. These features include:[4]

Graphene hull

The 890 Jump features a triple-layered graphene enameled hull to strengthen the protection of the ship, also keeping the appearance of the hull as new as possible.

Stamina V engines

The 890 Jump is a fast ship equipped with the Stamina V engines, which is designed cooperatively by ORIGIN's universe-class racing team and Alliance Startech.

85X touring ship

The 85X is a touring ship included in the hangar of 890 Jump.

Rear remote turret

A rear unmanned turret to cover the back of the ship. Origin's turret-control software translates operator action to the twin Gallenson Tactical Phoenix GF-330 laser repeaters, which offer a devastating rate of fire to eliminate enemies.

Point defense system

The Kodiak AC Point Defense System offers cutting edge rapid tracking capabilities and multi-point targeting to provide maximum security against missiles and torpedoes.

Communication array

The 890 features a robust communication array from Pythia. It is encrypted with Octa-key security and provides lossless intra-system data transfer.

Exterior hatches

The exterior hatches are capable of being opened remotely or through the external access panel, the reinforced tri-bonded metholium plating offers exceptional protection against unwanted entry.

Escape pods

Each pod comes outfitted with QAD beacon technology and enough supplies to live comfortably for several days.

Two bridges

A comfortable captain's bridge with a wide, impressive view, it also includes 3 exquisitely crafted operator seats from Atlas. The ship also features a battle bridge in case of enemy encounter, either one of which allows a single pilot to control shipboard operations.

Spa facilities

A fully equipped spa designed by Aphod AquaWorks to provide comfort and tranquility.

Luxurious interior

The interior features plush seating encompassed by large salon windows provide a panoramic view of the ship's surroundings while the entertainment center brings the latest Spectrum offerings with incomparable clarity.

Guest rooms

Each guest room includes an island berth that features an oversized imperial gelcore mattress along with two berth end tables. It is constructed from a specially selected stock of galung wood, which is known for its natural luster.


Up until the first half of the 29th century, Origin Jumpworks had been creating many smaller-crewed and single-seat vessels. They were well known for their accessible and luxury-oriented crafts, being very district from its rivals. In 2852, acting CEO Kain Yolsen announced that they would invest heavily into creating their own "flagship of the fleet", that would be known as the 890 Jump. Before this, high-end corporate spacecraft were a mix of many different modifications, conversions or custom designs. The initial cost, but also the maintenance and running costs would be so high, that these would only be available for a small potential audience. Yolsen explained that the 890 Jump would completely change this game. At the time of the announcement Origin had done little to no development work on the 890 Jump, and its financial analysts had no idea of the costs of designing and constructing a ship of this scope, but Yolsen was undeterred.

In developing the overall look of the ship, Origin avoided using ordinary spacecraft engineers and instead contracted industrial designer Hadrian Wells. Hadrian's biggest challenge was to design the ship with an eye to impress onlookers. Creating a hundred-plus meter capital ship designed around aesthetics was truly shocking, since all other ships of that era were extremely modular and utilitarian.

After 18 months of development, Origin had a reasonable plan for the ship's overall design and construction. They quickly invested in broad simulations in order to allow the ship to make use of existing docking facilities and repair yards despite its different design aesthetic. A large problem in the development process was that for the first time in modern aerospace history, everybody could see right into their progress. Ship developers typically do not announce projects to the public until a contract had been signed or a prototype had flown. Because of this open development, the company received a lot of critical comments, immediately seeing a series of snags and issues with the prototype as Yolsen's "fifty billion credit disaster". As a result, Origin's stock fell drastically despite the success of their current production lines. Two years after the first announcement, Origin ceased issuing updates on the 890 Jump's progress, and there would be no word of it until the first ship was spaceworthy. Some of the press thought this silence meant the project was cancelled or to be converted in some other type of ship. Despite this, Origin's silence had its benefits as stock prices stabilized and the 890 Jump faded into memory. Production could therefore continue silently behind the scenes.

On March 2857, at a special event in Earth's orbit, Origin revealed the production prototype of the 890 Jump, and it was an immediate hit. Stock reached a new high and kept climbing well through the 890 Jump's release the next year. 2858 marked the official launch of the 890 Jump. Origin promoted the ship to an audience they feared were not ready to accept its radical design, and spent significant sums marketing the ship to attempt to associate it with luxury in its typical ways. Their post mortem would indicate this was unnecessary and so they quickly lowered their marketing budget. In fact, new owners were eager to spread the word and preorders quickly filled up for seven years' worth of production. Origin would manufacture many models, and continued improving the ship throughout the following century, producing nineteen different models.

A major change to the 890 Jump came in 2943. Origin added launch capabilities and revealed their custom-designed 85x snub craft. From that moment, the 85x would be a permanent inclusion with all orders of the 890 Jump. In 2944, Origin CEO Jennifer Friskers announced the latest iteration that included a swimming pool and other amenities.[5]

In-game availability & pricing

Last updated: August 22, 2020; 28 days ago (2020-08-22) (Alpha 3.10.1)


New Deal, Lorville Astro Armada, Area18 Teach's Ship Shop, Levski
32,294,500 Unavailable Unavailable


Vantage Rentals, Lorville Traveller Rentals, Area18 Regal Luxury Rentals, New Babbage
Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable

Prices given are per-day. Prices for all rental periods can be found at Ship renting.


The 890 concept is designed by Nicolas Ferrand (freelance concept artist).[6]

The ship is supposed to have 484 SCU.[7] Due to a bug introduced in Alpha 3.7, the ship has access to its 32 SCU wall panel cargo grid, with the cargo bay being not accessible.[8]


Pledge price history

  • Pledge cost increased from 600 USD to 890 USD just before the 4th Anniversary Sale on 2016-11-18
  • Initially sold for 600 USD on 2014-10-11


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