Terrestrial Rocky in the Magnus system
Borea : Magnus II
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
SenatorMarshall Madrigal
LocationUEE space
Magnus system
└─ Orbits Magnus (star)

Borea is the terraformed center of the Magnus system. Classified as a near-Earth planet, Borea has a variety of climates and is generally ideal for Human settlement. The planet is dotted with dozens of centuries-old abandoned UEE naval facilities which are slowly fading into overgrowth.

Some have been settled by frontiersmen, while other prefab cities have sprung up elsewhere unrelated to the original settlement. Subsistence farms cover the planet's temperate zones, most run by loners who have traveled to Magnus to escape contact with the rest of the Human race. The general feeling is of a world unnaturally stuck between then and now.

The capital of the world is Newcastle. A recent space-based assassination attempt on the whole of the planet's Governor's Council (between 2915, 2935[1]) has caused the government to redirect all in-bound traffic towards the industrial city of Odyssa, which can now be considered Magnus' only starport.[2]

Major Locations


Odyssa, formerly a shipbuilding city before the UEE's abandonment of Magnus, has been revitalized in recent years with the development of Drake Interplanetary. Vast tracts of empty warehouses and rusting construction yards have been modernized and returned to life building Cutlasses and Caterpillars. Gangs are a serious problem in the city, and squatters have claimed the rights to many former UEE facilities; the result is an interesting place to hunt for questionably legal ship repairs and upgrades.[2]


The planet's capital city, this location is off-limits to flight traffic following an attack.


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