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Large ship manufactured by Drake Interplanetary
Caterpillar firing guns - Front Port.jpg
ManufacturerDrake Interplanetary (DRAK)
Crew2 – 4
Cargo capacity576 SCU
Production state
  • Flight ready
Buy4,686,600 aUEC
Rent (1 day)93,732 aUEC / 46,866 REC
Claim time37:30 min
Expedite7:30 min
Expedite fee1,410 aUEC
AvailabilityTime-limited sales
Length111.5 m
Beam39 m
Height12.5 m
Combat speed100 m/s
Max speed892 m/s
Mass1,608,205 kg
Introduction2871 CE; 79 years ago (2871)

The Drake Caterpillar is an affordable modular cargo ship. It is commonly used for legitimate commerce, extended search, and rescue missions. However, because of the low cost and popularity among civilians, the Caterpillar is known for being used by pirates.[1][2]

In-game description

First introduced in 2871, Drake Interplanetary's Caterpillar has long proven to be a reliable, cost-effective multi-role vessel, capable of being outfitted for everything from mercantile operations to combat support. Long hailed as a hard-fought alternative to the ubiquitous Hull series, the Caterpillar is a freighter that doesn't skimp on weaponry or customization.


Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x total
TBD L Radar Large (Large) 1 x 1
TBD M Computer Medium (Medium) 1 x 1
Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x total
Power Plants
Juno Starwerk Reliance Large (Large) 1 x 2
Juno Starwerk ThermalCore Large (Large) 1 x 2
Basilisk Stronghold Large (Large) 1 x 1

Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x Total
Fuel Intakes
TBD L Fuel Intake Large (Large) 1 x 2
Fuel Tanks
L Fuel Tank Large (Large) 1 x 1
Quantum Drives
Wei-Tek Pontes Large (Large) 1 x 1
Jump Modules
TBD L Jump Module Large (Large) 1 x 1
Quantum Fuel Tanks
TBD L Quantum Fuel Tank Large (Large) 1 x 1
Component Manufacturer Model Type # per mount x Total
Main Thrusters
Main Thruster N/A 1 x 4
Retro Thrusters N/A 1 x 6
Maneuvering Thrusters
Fixed Maneuvering Thruster N/A 1 x 26

Component Manufacturer Model Details Size (Max) # per mount x Total
Behring M3A Laser Autocannon 1 (2) 1 x 4
Behring M6A Laser Autocannon Manned 4 (4) 2 x 2
Utility Items
Tractor Beam 1 (1) 1 x 2


Command Module

The Command Module can be detached from the main hull and use as an independent ship. It can be used to move multiple Caterpillar hulls, or an escape ship, even at some shipping stations, Caterpillar crews have been known to race Command Modules while waiting for their cargo to be transferred. The upper deck contains auxiliary terminals that allow two additional crewmembers to handle comms, running scans, or managaing defenses. The lower deck of the Command Module is outfitted with small crew quarters and an entertainment center in case of extended travel.

Cargo Module

The Cargo Modules are outfitted with side-access elevator that allows all the sections to act as self-contained units, which allows people to add or remove cargo without disturbing any of the other modules.

Front Cargo Bay

The Front Cargo Bay can be used for additional storage and housing open canopy vehicles like Dragonfly. It is equipped with an airshield, which allows crew to transfer pallets and launch small vehicles without decompressing. The module is also outfitted with a manned turret, a cargo lift, and multiple sensors to assist in piloting.

Tractor Beam Station

The Tractor Beam Station consists of a terminal that allows the ship to safely guide debris and even errant cargo directly into the side access doors of the Cargo Modules.


First Introduction

In the wake of the Cutlass' success in 28th Century, Drake Interplanetary's CEO and lead designer Jan Dredge was looking for a new project to move the company forward. Although the Cutlass enjoyed some success in commercial hauling, it is more known for its combat abilities. Dredge knew that they should take the same design principles and apply it to something much bigger.

The Caterpillar prototype is initially unreviled at the 2871 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo. The ship received a lot of critics for its old design, the negativity almost threatened the whole project. It wasn't until the reports of Caterpillar spread through the Empire, that the tide began to turn. People were floored by two things: the ability to mix and match cargo modules and the price.[2]

Kesslering Heist

On 2903-06-21 SET, a Caterpillar broke out from heavy traffic, and rammed into an eriesium transport using the front sensor array as hooks to latch onto the hull. The front cargo door opened and pirates leapt onto the immobilized transport and cut their way inside while the turret engaged the shocked security detail.

Within five minutes, the security detail had been destroyed, the transport breached and the eriesium taken. The Command Module detached from the Caterpillar and the pirates disappeared back into the spacelane with their fighter accomplices. By the time authorities arrived, they found an image that permanently seared itself into the public's consciousness, a Drake Caterpillar attached to the vented husk of a transport.

Despite an exhaustive search through all the system, authorities never figured out who was behind the heist. The Caterpillar was forever tied with criminal element to the present after the event.[2]

Ship Profile

Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
Caterpillar in space - Isometric.jpg
Caterpillar in space - Above.jpg
Caterpillar in space - Port.jpg
Caterpillar in space - Front.jpg
Caterpillar in space - Rear.jpg
Caterpillar in space - Below.jpg

Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear
Caterpillar in RandY - Isometric.jpg
Caterpillar in RandY - Above.jpg
Caterpillar in RandY - Port.jpg
Caterpillar in RandY - Front.jpg
Caterpillar in RandY - Rear.jpg


Special editions

Image Name Description
Pirate Cat - Above debris field.jpg
"Pirate Edition" With a red and black pirate livery, it's only available when defeating "Pirate Swarm" in Arena Commander.[3]
Caterpillar Best In Show Edition 2949 - Cut.png
"Best In Show Edition" Limited white and purple livery to celebrate the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2949.[4]

In-game availability & pricing

Last updated: August 22, 2020; 29 days ago (2020-08-22) (Alpha 3.10.1)


New Deal, Lorville Astro Armada, Area18 Teach's Ship Shop, Levski
Unavailable Unavailable 4,686,600


Vantage Rentals, Lorville Traveller Rentals, Area18 Regal Luxury Rentals, New Babbage
Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable

Prices given are per-day. Prices for all rental periods can be found at Ship renting.


Pledge price history

Date Pledge cost (USD) Insurance Availability Sale
2012-11-18 225 LTI Limited Kickstarter final day addon [5]
2013-09-20 225 LTI Limited Caterpillar 72 hours flash sale [6]
2013-11-20 245 LTI Time-limited 2013 anniversary sale [7]
2014-11-22 245 2 years Time-limited 2014 anniversary sale [8]
2015-11-21 245 3 years Time-limited 2015 anniversary sale [9]
2016-11-18 295 4 years Time-limited 2016 anniversary sale [10]
2016-12-16 295 6 months Time-limited 2016 holiday sale [11]


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