Breach and Steal

Delivery mission from Ruto
Breach and Steal
Priority Personal
Type Delivery
UEC Pay 73000
Start Location Crusader AO
Mission Giver Ruto
Faction Nine Tails

The unlawful mission Breach and Steal tasks the player with retrieving a small cargo crate from a reclaimer that has been taken over by security forces. The player will need to board the vessel, get through security patrolling the ship, and retrieve the cargo. Shutting down the comm array is recommended to avoid crimestat, but it is also possible for the mission to spawn outside of comm array range. Having a multi-tool with the tractor beam attachment is highly recommended to be able to reach the location of the crate.


Spoiler content

"Hey there,

Nine Tails got themselves a little problem. As it turns out, they got a little side biz in the underground organ trade. Now that an area I generally like to steer well clear of, but a gig's a gig, right? It seems that one of their mobile butcher shops aboard the 'October Rising' got pinched by private security while out chopping. Now the Nine Tails are willing to cut ties with the ship and its crew (who are probably all dead anyway), but they need a particular crate extracted. Guess it was a special order or something.

Anyway, get aboard the October Rising, get the package, and get out.

Security's still hanging around so watch yourself and maybe bring some friends, but remember, your priority is the package. If you're looking to save yourself some extra hassle, you could also black out the area by shutting down the nearest comm array if you want to avoid the crimestats for, you know, killing a bunch of security. But hey, you do you.

Once you're out, drop the package off at the clinic on Grim HEX and I'll sort your payment.

Easy peasy,


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