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Role Private Contractor
Faction Outlaw
Actor Ortwin Freyermuth (hologram)
Current Employment
Occupation Private Contractor
Workplace GrimHEX (hologram)
Ruto is the pseudonym of a no-questions-asked private contractor with ties to Stanton's pirate gangs including Nine Tails. His/her identity is a mystery, as 'he' only deals via a video terminal in a back-room on GrimHEX that spoofs the face of Imperator Kelos Costigan. Certain immature quips made by Ruto however imply he/she may not be that old.


Ruto is one of the first two Mission Givers added in Alpha 3.0 along with Miles Eckhart, and his hologram display is the first in-game use of render-to-texture functionality in Star Citizen. While Ruto was not initially functional as a Mission Giver due to unforseen issues, his missions can be unlocked as of 3.1 by gaining a reputation from other missions.