Caliban IV

Gas Giant in the Caliban system
Caliban IV.png
Caliban IV
ClassificationGas Giant
LocationVanduul space
Caliban system
└─ Orbiting Caliban (star)
(Ark Starmap)
Natural Satellites6

Caliban IV is a gas giant composed of massive clouds of silicate and iron that give it a grey-green color.[1]

Natural Satellites

Caliban 4a

A very old, dense ball of iron.[2]

Caliban 4b

A slight magnetic field suggests the presence of a metallic core.[2]

Caliban 4c

This iron-rich moon is a dark, reddish-brown, with bright white silicate streaks.[2]

Caliban 4d

The surface of this moon is covered entirely with a frozen, brackish sea.[2]

Caliban 4e

Constant violent nitrogen ice storms keep even the Vanduul from attempting to harvest this moon's resources.[2]

Caliban 4f

A mixture of tholins, silicate rock, and carbon cause the surface of this moon to reflect very little light.[2]


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