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ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationCaliban II (RSInotext.svg Ark Starmap)

Crion (Caliban I) is a small terraformed world formerly inhabited by millions of Humans. In late 29th century, Vanduul invaded the system.[1] Now Vanduul harvesters chew through the remnants of Human civilization.[2]


Crion is a small, rocky world ideally situated in the green band of Caliban’s G-type, main sequence star. It was quickly terraformed and populated by adventurous souls looking to live on the edge of the known universe. Boro, its capital, became a haven for explorers probing the Empire’s western front. In 2599, travel writer Shasta Wagner described Boro as having “a cosmopolitan appearance, but a strong frontier spirit.”

Political activism within the system increased with the Vanduul threat. Many residents believed the Messer regime was intentionally withholding military resources from the system, as the occasional attack only reinforced the UEE’s need for a strong, militaristic leader. Yet even after the Messers were deposed, Navy presence and sensor beacons seemed woefully lacking, which some claim set the stage for the horrific attack on the system.

Now, Crion stands as a shattered skeleton of its former self. Vast swaths of land have been harvested by passing Vanduul Clans, who enter the system and drop their horrific machines to the surface. As they continue to consume former cities and the land itself to rebuild their fleet, experts say it will only be a matter of time till all traces of Humanity are wiped clean. [3]

Landing Zones


The most widely known city on Crion was Boro.[4] The Crion Security Legion were headquartered here.