Terrestrial Rocky in the Caliban system
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
HabitableYes (according to the Starmap)
No (de facto)
LocationVanduul Space
Caliban system
└─ Orbiting Caliban (star)
(Ark Starmap)

Crion (Caliban II) is a small terrerstrial rocky planet in the green band of Caliban. It was a small terraformed world formerly inhabited by millions of Humans. In late 29th century, Vanduul invaded and devastated the system.[1] Now Vanduul harvesters chew through the remnants of Human civilization.[2]


Crion was terraformed and populated as part of the Empire's 'western front.'[3]

The Planet was conquered in 2884 as the UEE forces abandoned the system due to a massive invasion of Vanduul forces.[3]

"Vast swaths of land have been harvested by passing Vanduul Clans, who enter the system and drop their horrific machines to the surface. As they continue to consume former cities and the land itself to rebuild their fleet, experts say it will only be a matter of time till all traces of Humanity are wiped clean."
Galactic Guide - Caliban System



Boro, the capital and most widely known [4] city on Crion was described having 'a cosmopolitan appearance, but a strong frontier spirit' by travel writer Shasta Wagner in 2599.[3]

Candle Road

Candle Road was the de-facto headquarter of the Crion Security Legion. Erected in 2510 as a military airfield. It became in the mid-29th century a major support facility for efforts to terraform Caliban III. Candle Road was destroyed in 2884.[5]


District of the Planet and home of a grey market. It was increasingly settled in 2860s. The 88th Squadron operated from auxilliary airstrips during the Battle of Caliban in 2884.[6]


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