Capture the Idris

Combat mission from Civilian Defense Force
Idris War Game
Priority General
Type Combat
Requirements Capture the Idris dynamic event
Faction Civilian Defense Force

The Capture the Idris (mission name: Idris War Game) is a dynamic event debuting in Alpha 3.22.1 in which players join the Civilian Defense Force to capture a hostile Idris-M.[1]

Mission Brief

Spoiler content

"To test the preparedness of our response teams, we would like volunteers to simulate an assault against a CDF Idris by neutralizing and taking control of the vessel.

To be clear, the goal of the exercise is not to destroy the Idris, but for you to attempt to board the craft and maintain control of it as long as possible. Volunteers should expect to meet full resistance from the Idris' highly trained crew and are encouraged to get an updated imprint beforehand.

Coordinates will be provided upon confirming your participation.

Thanks and good luck."


The first Capture the Idris event is started from 2024-02-23 to 2024-02-27. It implements the interior of the Idris-M. Some of the Idris-M in the event are crewed by CIG developers, while the others are crewed by NPCs.[2][3]


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