Cargo Deck

Industrial services location
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Cargo Deck
NameCargo Deck
SpecialisationCargo Handling

Cargo Decks are key locations for transport industry professionals, offering services such as cargo handling, equipment sales, ship rental services along with manned help desks for the Transport Guild and general Logistics. Cargo decks can currently be found at stations in geosynchronous orbit around major planetary hubs.

In the future, cargo missions will be available for collection from cargo decks on behalf of major corporations.[1]


Cargo Services

Cargo Services area

A central area for player services, including spaceship rental, equipment and clothing sales as well as a pickup/dropoff point for personal delivery boxes.

Warehouse Processing

Interior of worker's retreat

Where cargo items are processed for loading/unloading, includes a maintenance access corridor and a somewhat hidden worker's retreat area nestled within the bulk of storage containers.

  • Main warehouse area
  • Worker's retreat

Container Yard

Where bulk storage of cargo items is held, currently inaccessible to players.

In-Game Locations

Cargo decks can be found at the following locations in-game:



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