Seraphim Station

Trade hub orbits Crusader in the Stanton system
Seraphim Station.png
Seraphim Station
LocationStanton system    Orbits Crusader
TypeSpace station
ClassificationTrade hub

Seraphim Station is a R&R-owned space station located in the trade lanes above Crusader, offering breathtaking views of the planet below. It is named after Seraphim Systems, a former shuttlecraft manufacturer based in Tram, which was purchased by August Dunlow and then rebranded as Crusader Industries.[1]


The station replaced Port Olisar in Alpha 3.20.0 in order to take advantage of the modular station building blocks used for all other R&R space stations in the game. Port Olisar will return in at some point in the future, as the developers recognize its significance to the player community.[2]


At Seraphim Station players can buy and sell some commodities.

Commodities that can be purchased at Seraphim Station:

Commodities that can be sold at Seraphim Station:

Vehicle Rental

Players are able to rent a selection of vehicles from the Cargo Center.

Available rental ships:

Vehicle Name Manufacturer Type Price (per day, aUEC)
Freelancer MISC Space Ship 33,952
Avenger Titan Aegis Dynamics Space Ship 15,712
Cutlass Black Drake Interplanetary Space Ship 27,706



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