Cassandra's Tears

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Cassandra's Tears is a series of fiction-in-fiction works (most likely a book series) telling the Story of Cal Mason destroying a doomsday device threatening Earth. It was released by CIG in 2012.[1]


Lt. Cal Mason serves in the 2930/2940s on the UEES Gemini under Admiral Showalter in the Centauri System. A cooperation between Vanduul and humans help to create a doomsday device (Project Cassandra) which is heading towards Earth. They only could be defeated by the Gemini and their crew. The device, of course, is destroyed by the hero itself.

The story's narrative employs typical tropes found in action films, with Mason portrayed as the heroic protagonist. He manages to escape perilous situations with minimal harm, is a charismatic intimidator and displays unbelievable bravery.


The plot commences with a battle against Vanduul raiders attacking Yar. Mason engages in a dogfight with a Vanduul pilot known as "Black Talon." Eventually, the Vanduul are successfully driven away from the scene and flee through a jump point. However, as a consequence of the battle, the Gemini becomes trapped in Yar's atmosphere, struggling to escape the gravitational pull.

Rather than returning by flight, Cal enters a derelict building he discovered on the surface. Inside, he finds four antiquated machines within an abandoned geological research station. Cal deduces that the Vanduul were initially searching for these machines. He pursues the Vanduul flagship through a jump point and manages to infiltrate it covertly. While onboard, he overhears a conversation between a Vanduul Commander and two humans, but is soon captured shortly thereafter. When he regains consciousness, he finds himself aboard a Constellation Phoenix, where he engages in a brief conversation with one of his human captors named Sasha. Mason suspects that she hired the Vanduul.

Later on, Admiral Showalter, piloting a fighter, also enters the jump-point but discovers that Mason's ship has been destroyed, leading him to believe that Mason has perished. Meanwhile, on the UEES Gemini, crewman Penny, a friend of Mason, delves into security protocols and uncovers information about Project Cassandra, which involved the development of a nanovirus aimed at altering planets on a molecular level. Lieutenant Penelope Ayala, an agent, reveals to Admiral Showalter that a criminal named Walden Mahony is the mastermind behind this operation, and Mahony happens to be the grandson of the leader of Project Cassandra.

After several days of travel, the Phoenix enters Banu Space. Mason manages to break free and escape from the Phoenix's hangar using a P52, although without a jump drive. The Phoenix attempts to shoot him down, but he manages to flee through the jump-point, utilizing the interspace "track" created by another ship. Mason is eventually rescued and awakens in a medical bay at the Ferron Customs station. Refusing to rest any longer, he hastily makes his way to the hangar where the P52 is located and successfully traces the Phoenix's signature. Using a confiscated Cutlass, he tracks down the Phoenix on a planet called Queeg, where he discovers one of the machines taken from the settlement on Yar. He witnesses Walden Mahony demonstrating the machine's capabilities and realizes that Mahony's crew is preparing it as a bomb. Mason warns the UEE authorities, but once again finds himself on his own as the Customs Station in Ferron is disabled by an EMP charge. Seizing the opportunity amidst the ensuing chaos, the Phoenix slips away and heads toward Earth.

The crew of the Gemini receives Mason's distress call while continuing their pursuit of the Phoenix. In the Nul System, a Vanduul Clan, along with battleships and their flagship, reemerge onto the scene. Black Talon also makes another appearance. It is revealed that the Vanduul Clan had hired Mahony to construct the bomb, intending to use it against Earth. The situation appears dire, as only a handful of police and militias are present.

However, the battle takes a decisive turn when the Gemini unexpectedly emerges with reinforcements. The crew of the Phoenix switches sides and joins the fight against the Vanduul. The Vanduul ship ultimately disappears and is later discovered abandoned near Terra. Mason successfully destroys the bomb and the flagship, subsequently landing on the Gemini.

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