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"Unmatched design, blazing top speed, and ultra-responsive maneuverability make the Arrow the most agile scrapper in its class. With a robust weapons package that provides firepower to spare, this is truly the classic light fighter, updated for the next generation of combat."
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Arrow over Celiin 3.9.1.png
The Anvil Arrow is an agile, light fighter that is prized for its velocity and dexterity. The Arrow boasts advanced thruster tech, a generous weapons package, and an ultra-aerodynamic frame to outmaneuver and outwit its opponents.[1]
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
Arrow in space - Isometric.jpg
Arrow in space - Above.jpg
Arrow in space - Port.jpg
Arrow in space - Front.jpg
Arrow in space - Rear.jpg
Arrow in space - Below.jpg



  1. The Anvil Arrow - Aim Higher. Transmission - Comm-Link

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