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The Origin M50 Interceptor is a small single seat racing ship that doubles as an interdiction ship. It is often referred to as a power plant with a cockpit attached. Introduced in 2920, it represented another leap forward in engine technology that improved upon the 350r. Despite publicized teething difficulties in the early stages, the current lineup is a solid spacecraft design that promises exceptional speed, and has proven it time and time again with multiple Murray Cup wins. In the late 2930's, the UEE Advocacy purchased a bulk of these racers to convert into interdiction ships.[1]
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
M50 in Space - Isometric.jpg
M50 in Space - Above.jpg
M50 in Space - Port.jpg
M50 in Space - Front.jpg
M50 in Space - Rear.jpg
M50 in Space - Below.jpg



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