Power plant

Vehicle component that generates power

A power plant is a vehicle component that generates power for the vehicle. It is the main source of energy for the vehicle. Its power depends on its size, its model and the type of technology used.

 ManufacturerSizeClassGradePower outputPWR per EM°C per IRDistortion health
WhiteRoseSakura Sun1CivilianA2,419.03 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
JS-300Amon & Reese Co.1MilitaryA3,681.13 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
SlipstreamTyler Design & Tech1StealthA1,787.98 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
BretonJuno Starwerk1IndustrialA4,627.7 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
QuadraCellAegis Dynamics1MilitaryA3,575.95 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
LumaCoreACOM1CompetitionA1,472.45 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
JS-400Amon & Reese Co.2MilitaryA10,625 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
LuxCoreACOM2CompetitionA4,375 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
LotusSakura Sun2CivilianA7,187.5 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
GenoaJuno Starwerk2IndustrialA13,750 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
Eclipse (power plant)Tyler Design & Tech2StealthA5,312.5 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
QuadraCell MTAegis Dynamics2MilitaryA10,625 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
TigerLillySakura Sun3CivilianA28,750 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR27,500 💫
DurangoJuno Starwerk3IndustrialA55,000 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫
JS-500Amon & Reese Co.3MilitaryA42,500 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫
QuadraCell MXAegis Dynamics3MilitaryA42,500 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫
DefiantJuno Starwerk0IndustrialB720 ⚡/s0.12 ⚡/EM0.2 °C/IR2,000 💫
IonWaveLightning Power Ltd.0CivilianB610 ⚡/s0.12 ⚡/EM0.2 °C/IR2,000 💫
EnduranceJuno Starwerk1IndustrialB4,417.35 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
DynaFluxAmon & Reese Co.1MilitaryB3,470.78 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
StarHeartACOM1CompetitionB1,262.1 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
IonBurstLightning Power Ltd.1CivilianB2,313.85 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
DeltaMaxTyler Design & Tech1StealthB1,577.63 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
MagnaBloomSakura Sun1CivilianB2,208.68 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
Fierell CascadeAegis Dynamics1MilitaryB3,365.6 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
IonSurgeLightning Power Ltd.2CivilianB6,875 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
GammaMaxTyler Design & Tech2StealthB4,687.5 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
RadianceSakura Sun2CivilianB6,562.5 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
StarBurnACOM2CompetitionB3,750 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
BolideAegis Dynamics2MilitaryB10,000 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
UltraFluxAmon & Reese Co.2MilitaryB10,000 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
SedulityJuno Starwerk2IndustrialB13,125 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
IonSurge ProLightning Power Ltd.3CivilianB27,500 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫
RelianceJuno Starwerk3IndustrialB52,500 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫
FulgurAegis Dynamics3MilitaryB40,000 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫
MegaFluxAmon & Reese Co.3MilitaryB40,000 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫
CelestialSakura Sun3CivilianB26,250 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫
StellateSakura Sun4CivilianBespoke33,750 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR27,500 💫
SteadfastJuno Starwerk0IndustrialC720 ⚡/s0.12 ⚡/EM0.2 °C/IR2,000 💫
RadixLightning Power Ltd.0CivilianC610 ⚡/s0.12 ⚡/EM0.2 °C/IR2,000 💫
FortitudeJuno Starwerk1IndustrialC4,207 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
RegulusAegis Dynamics1MilitaryC4,000 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
PowerBoltLightning Power Ltd.1CivilianC2,103.5 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
SunFlareACOM1CompetitionC1,051.75 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
LightBlossomSakura Sun1CivilianC1,998.33 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
SonicLiteTyler Design & Tech1StealthC1,367.28 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
OverDriveAmon & Reese Co.1MilitaryC3,260.43 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
DiligenceJuno Starwerk2IndustrialC12,500 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
DayBreakSakura Sun2CivilianC5,937.5 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
FullForceLightning Power Ltd.2CivilianC6,250 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
TurboDriveAmon & Reese Co.2MilitaryC9,375 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
MaelstromAegis Dynamics2MilitaryC9,375 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
CirrusTyler Design & Tech2StealthC4,062.5 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
Centurion (power plant)Aegis Dynamics3MilitaryC37,500 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫
SuperDriveAmon & Reese Co.3MilitaryC37,500 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫
NewDawnSakura Sun3CivilianC23,750 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫
GinzelJuno Starwerk3IndustrialC50,000 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫
FullForce ProLightning Power Ltd.3CivilianC25,000 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫
DuraJetLightning Power Ltd.0CivilianD610 ⚡/s0.12 ⚡/EM0.2 °C/IR2,000 💫
JennetJuno Starwerk0IndustrialD720 ⚡/s0.12 ⚡/EM0.2 °C/IR2,000 💫
RoughneckJuno Starwerk1IndustrialD3,996.65 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
ZapJetLightning Power Ltd.1CivilianD1,893.15 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
HyperGenAmon & Reese Co.1MilitaryD3,050.08 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
ChargerAegis Dynamics1MilitaryD2,944.9 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫
VortexAegis Dynamics2MilitaryD8,750 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
SparkJetLightning Power Ltd.2CivilianD5,625 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
ExoGenAmon & Reese Co.2MilitaryD8,750 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
TrommelJuno Starwerk2IndustrialD11,875 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫
SparkJet ProLightning Power Ltd.3CivilianD22,500 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫
DrassikAegis Dynamics3MilitaryD35,000 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫
SmartGenAmon & Reese Co.3MilitaryD35,000 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫


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