Power plant

Vehicle component that generates power

A power plant is a vehicle component that generates power for the vehicle. It is the main source of energy for the vehicle. Its power depends on its size, its model and the type of technology used.

 SizeClassGradePower outputPower to EMTemperature to IRDistortion healthManufacturer
Bolide2MilitaryB10,000 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫Aegis Dynamics
Breton1IndustrialA4,627.7 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫Juno Starwerk
Celestial3CivilianB26,250 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫Sakura Sun
Centurion (power plant)3MilitaryC37,500 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫Aegis Dynamics
Charger1MilitaryD2,944.9 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫Aegis Dynamics
Cirrus2StealthC4,062.5 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫Tyler Design & Tech
DayBreak2CivilianC5,937.5 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫Sakura Sun
Defiant0IndustrialB720 ⚡/s0.13 ⚡/EM0.52 °C/IR2,000 💫Juno Starwerk
DeltaMax1StealthB1,577.63 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫Tyler Design & Tech
Diligence2IndustrialC12,500 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫Juno Starwerk
Drassik3MilitaryD35,000 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫Aegis Dynamics
DuraJet0CivilianD610 ⚡/s0.13 ⚡/EM0.52 °C/IR2,000 💫Lightning Power Ltd.
Durango3IndustrialA55,000 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫Juno Starwerk
DynaFlux1MilitaryB3,470.78 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫Amon & Reese Co.
Eclipse (power plant)2StealthA5,312.5 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫Tyler Design & Tech
Endurance1IndustrialB4,417.35 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫Juno Starwerk
ExoGen2MilitaryD8,750 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫Amon & Reese Co.
Fierell Cascade1MilitaryB3,365.6 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫Aegis Dynamics
Fortitude1IndustrialC4,207 ⚡/s0.634 ⚡/EM1.75 °C/IR6,000 💫Juno Starwerk
Fulgur3MilitaryB40,000 ⚡/s0.15 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR40,000 💫Aegis Dynamics
FullForce2CivilianC6,250 ⚡/s0.55 ⚡/EM5 °C/IR12,000 💫Lightning Power Ltd.


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