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"The Prospector has long been the preferred ship for solo miners and surveyors throughout the universe. Featuring MISC’s sleek design sensibility, a bevy of high-tech mining tools, and dedicated storage pods for extracted resources, this utilitarian powerhouse perfectly balances form and functionality."
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Prospector - Hovering mining on cliffside 1.jpg
The Prospector is a small sized mining ship manufactured by MISC. Designed as a single person operated vessel, it features a telescopic mining arm with interchangeable lasers, up to four detachable storage containers and comfortable living quarters.
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
Prospector in space - Isometric.jpg
Prospector in space - Above.jpg
Prospector in space - Port.jpg
Prospector in space - Front.jpg
Prospector in space - Rear.jpg
Prospector in space - Below.jpg



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